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an artist is stranded on a desert island alone and decides to pass the time by drawing. less than a minute after they take out a sketchbook, one lone person washes up on the island and desperately says “oh my god you can draw can you draw me”

The artist now has food

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introductory paragraph of my essay:


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can you believe the animation errors in frozen
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The floor is lava. [vid]

This is one of the best gifs

omfg I’ve only ever seen the end part of this gif this is amazing
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bold what applies to you: tumblr edition


  • I am in one fandom
  • I am in more than one fandom
  • I am not in any fandoms
  • I have less than 1,000 posts
  • I have 1,000-10,000 posts
  • I have 10,000-25,000 posts
  • I have 25,000-50,000 posts
  • I have 50,000+ posts
  • I have edited the html of my theme
  • I am using a default theme from the theme garden
  • I am following less than 100 blogs
  • I am following 100-500 blogs
  • I am following 500+ blogs
  • I have no tracked tags
  • I have less than 10 tracked tags
  • I have 10+ tracked tags
  • I have no saved urls
  • I have less than 10 saved urls
  • I have 10-50 saved urls
  • I have 50+ saved urls
  • I have liked less than 100 posts
  • I have liked 100-1,000 posts
  • I have liked 1,000-10,000 posts
  • I have liked 10,000-50,000 posts
  • I have liked 50,000+ posts
  • I made my own icon 
  • I have no drafts
  • I have less than 10 drafts
  • I have 10-50 drafts
  • I have 50+ drafts
  • I have no posts in my queue
  • I have less than 100 posts in my queue
  • I have 100-500 posts in my queue
  • I have 500+ posts in my queue
  • I have 0-1,000 followers
  • I have 2,000-5,000 followers
  • I have 5,000-10,000 followers
  • I have 10,000+ followers
  • I use xkit
  • I use another tumblr extension
  • I have no messages in my inbox
  • I have less than 100 messages in my inbox
  • I have 100-1,000 messages in my inbox
  • I have 1,000-5,000 messages in my inbox
  • I have 5,000+ messages in my inbox
  • I have 1 blog
  • I have 2-5 blogs
  • I have 5+ blogs

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so i was looking up stuff about birth control throughout history and


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in Ireland you’re not even allowed to look at alcohol on Good Friday, let alone buy it. Dirty heathens.

sometimes i forget how catholic this country is
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I have never seen something that more accurately describes how I’m feeling right now

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